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  • Interpreting solutions

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    Technical equipment for simultaneous interpreting is a part of most international conferences. AV MEDIA EVENTS is the only provider in the Czech Republic that provides solutions that meet the latest and most current ISO norms: ISO 4043:2016 a ISO 20109:2016.

  • Conference microphones

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    Conference microphones are used there, where attendees need to be heard bright and clear. We have the generation of BOSCH DCN NG and the latest line of BOSCH Dicentis.

  • Silent conference

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    More meetings taking place at once in one room? That is not a problem for us. With the right equipment the attendees wont disturb eachother.

  • Voting solutions

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    Do you need interactivity with your attendees or need a fast evaluation of results, nothing our voting solutions can´t handle. With our voting stations, applications or via our conference microphones voting is made easy for any conference or meeting.

  • Distant interpreting and interpreting HUBs

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    Want to save money for the transport of translators to the place of the event or for their accommodation? We will bring the interpreter to your event in any sort of way. By getting them to our interpreting HUB or by providing distant interpreting, where the interpreter can interpret the whole event from their home right into the mobile phones or computers of the attendees.

  • Interpreting services

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    We can bring any interpreters for your event and that includes exotic or uncommon languages.